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About Specialist Services

"We are Australia's leading group of medical specialists delivering patient focused, co-ordinated care."

Specialist Services was a concept initiated in 1997 by a small founding group of specialists committed to patient centred multidisciplinary care.

Too many groups of medical specialists have been corporatised with the result that the main focus can become the balance sheet rather than the patient and quality care.

We have created a model of specialist healthcare that is unique - Professor Ung said, "We want to build a care model that is centred around the patient, rather than the doctor."

This model of care creates a caring environment where excellence in patient care will always be the focus. The aim is to have facilities and groups of specialists that can work together to offer co-ordinated managment of medical conditions.

An example of this integrated specialist care is our model for the treatment of breast cancer. A patient with a suspicious lump can be referred to a specialist at one of our centres and have the diagnostic testing necessary, consult with a surgeon, a radiation oncologist and a medical oncologist all at the one site and have her whole treatment planned and centrally co-ordinated. Gone are the days of having to see multiple specialists at multiple venues with no overall co-ordination of care delivery.

This is the model of care we are bringing to all diseases with the primary aim of easing the stress and inconvenience that accompanies "old style" specialist care.