Specialist Accrediation

Specialist Accreditation

Private Practice for Specialists -  what you need to know.


This seminar provides a roadmap for minimising administrative burden, tailored for both newcomers and established specialists in private practice. The video provides impartial advice and education from industry experts for setting up your Private Practice covering legal, finance, marketing and operations.

To view the agenda, information on the presenters and to watch the on-demand webinar, please click here.

Joining Our Group

Joining Specialist Services Medical Group is by our Invitation Only

We are probably talking to you because you are

  • one of the best in your field,
  • are prepared to work in a team environment
  • care about a patient-centred approach

We are very selective about who joins our group

We do not care so much about the amount of private practice you can earn. This is a secondary consideration.

We are looking for honest, ethical and trusted practitioners who can deliver sound patient care and help us meet our objectives.

Our Doctors

Our Specialists are carefully selected and are:

  • Leaders in their field or young emerging specialists
  • Not employees of Specialist Services
  • Have their practice managed by Specialist Services with a signed service agreement
  • Are not obliged to refer internally
  • Each specialist decides on their fee structure
  • Must have their credentials reviewed by the Company’s Standard and Quality Committee
  • Must sign agreements which include meeting our strict ethical and quality guidelines
  • Receive initial accreditation for 1 year and then for a maximum of three years before re-accreditation is required
  • All our doctors are shareholders and the company is structured so that control rests with the practicing doctors
  • Some of our facilities have selected specialist and allied health tenents

What we provide for our Specialists

  • Booking and Confirmation of new patients using a common practice management system
  • Electronic Health Record
  • Reception services
  • Billing of consultations, reports and treatments
    • Consultations
    • Chemotherapy treatments
    • Private Radiotherapy Treatments
    • Private Billing for procedures performed for private patients in public and private hospitals
    • Medico-legal reports
  • Internal bad debt management service
  • Banking Services
  • Transcription Services
  • Facility Management
  • Human resource management—recruitment, management, training; confidentiality agreements
  • Record management
  • Access to IT, internet and e-mail systems
  • Provide a contact point for specialists for non-clinical activity
  • GP education
  • Support for increasing awareness of facilities and specialist services by ethical advertising of our company and individual specialists

Information for prospective doctors

Guiding principles

Information on the accreditation requirements

Our Values