Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic & Tests

We offer a range of diagnostic services for our specialists and for referring doctors. These services are owned by the doctors and the quality of these services is constantly monitored, ensuring services of the highest quality. We are proud to offer a diagnostic service for any doctors who wish to refer patients for just this component of care.

Consultation with one of our specialists may not be necessary if all you require is one of the following diagnostic tests, provided you have a referral from their General Practitioner:

  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring;
  • Holter Monitoring.

Cardiac Ultrasound

We provide cardiac imaging services from our Ashley Lane (Westmead), Blacktown, Castle Hill, Norwest C203, Richmond and Wahroonga (SAN) rooms. This can be in conjuction with a consultation with one of our Cardiologists or as a separate service. We provide cardiac imaging to patients, provided they have a referral from their General Practitioner. A report is then sent to your GP.

General Ultrasound

We will soon be providing general and vascular ultrasound imaging at all of our facilities.

  • Diagnostic ultrasound services.